A picture of Cherokee Cheif Nathan Kirkland.

Nathan Kirkland (Cherokees name CHEESEQUIRE) was a Cherokee Indian from the SnowBird Clan of Graham County, North Carolina. Many people and descendants say he was born in 1750 and died 1851, living for a 101 years. Some Cherokees say he lived to be 137 not knowing when his birth or death date was.According to 'The Democrat' of March 12, 1985 he was born in 1743 and died AFTER 1880.His death was also a mystery, One morning the other Cherokees woke up and found Nathan along a trail dead. Some say the death was unknown others say it was natural causes.Most say he was burried where he was found. The trail he was found on is now covered by Santeetlah Lake. Descendants beleive his grave is now under the waters of the lake.